Big Punisher Nachos

Organic corn tortilla chips, our famous black beans, cheesy chipotle queso, fresh salsa, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños and onions and fresh cilantro lime crema. + Add Chili Lemon Chicken ($2/2oz Scoop) + Or if available add Carne or Dope Beef ($3/2oz Scoop)  + Add...

Jack n’ Bean Tacos

Our maple/Chipotle mildly spicy jack fruit tacos with fresh mango salsa, black bean spread, fresh chipotle crema & fresh guacamole.

Fresh Handmade Churros

Three Churros in an order. Churros are deep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. + Add Dulce de Leche dip ($1)  

G-Funk Black Bean Tacos

Organic corn tortillas, famous black bean spread, fresh chipotle crema, fresh mango salsa, fresh guacamole, & cabbage.