(What Movie Theatre Queso Should Taste Like)   Our take on salsa con queso. Cheesy chipotle goodness with green chili spice and chunky tomatoes. Comes with 8oz container and 275 grams of our unsalted corn chips. Serves 2.

Drunken Chicken Fries

Fresh never frozen fries, tajin spice, chedda/mozza mix , ABF chicken (marinated in Nickelbrook lemon/lime radler, spicy chipotle and sweet honey). Topped with fresh cilantro/red onion salsa, cilantro/lime crema and kick throat pickled jalapeños.

Jack & Stacked Nachos

Organic corn chips, our famous black beans, spicy maple chipotle jackfruit, fresh mango salsa and chipotle crema. + Add guac for $2

Chronic Fries

Organic grass fed local carne asada steak, lime/jalapeno seasoned fresh never frozen fries, cheese shred, fresh salsa verde, fresh cilantro lime crema, fresh cilantro & our pickled onions. Try the veggie remix for $13 + tax.

Big Punisher Nachos

Organic corn tortilla chips, our famous black beans, cheesy chipotle queso, fresh salsa, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños and onions and fresh cilantro lime crema. + Add Chili Lemon Chicken ($2.50/2oz Scoop) + Or if available add Carne or Dope Beef ($3.50/2oz Scoop)...